Herbert William Percival Taylor – Military Ballot

Herbert William Percival Taylor was born in the Wellington area on 31st October 1879 the only son of Catherine and
William Taylor. Herbert had an older sister Ada and a number of younger sisters.

William and Catherine Taylor farmed in the Pauatahanui / Judgeford area with Ada attending Judgeford School in 1880
and Herbert in 1885. The siblings are listed as attending Pauatahanui School both start in 1886[i].

Herbert William Percival Taylor in May 1907 married Emma Isabella Steven the couple had at least one child[ii] prior
to Emma’s death on 27th January 1917. Emma is buried in the Pauatanui Public Cemetery, Pauatahanui.
1917 was eventful,  in October 1917 Herbert married Emily May Stevens the younger sister of Emma. On the
4th December 1917 the Evening Post carried a list of men selected in the compulsory military service ballot:[iii]

                Taylor H. W. P., farmer, Judgeford, Pauahatanui.

Herbert lodged an appeal was lodged and the Evening Post carried the appeals of two Pauatahanui farmers,
Harold R Nordell and Herbert W P Taylor[iv]

Mr Luckie also appeared in support  of the appeal of Herbert W P Taylor, farmer,
Pahautanui, and a four months adjournment was also granted in this case.

Herbert was again in front of the Military Appeals Board in May 1918[v]

          Herbert W P Taylor, farmer of Judgeford, Pauatahanui who was represented by
Mr M. F. Luckie appealed on the grounds of undue hardship.
Applicant states that he was part owner with his father, a man of about 70 years
of age, of a farm of 240 acres. He had 480 sheep and 20 head of cattle and looked
after the whole place himself. He had no brothers, and could get no assistance.
He himself was married and had a child.
To the military representative: his father could not work on the farm as he suffered
rheumatism. He had to pay his father  51 per year as his share of the property. His
father had not resided on the farm for 15 years.

The case was adjourned for further inquiry.

With the November 1918 Armistice and peace Herbert was not required for any military service so continued with
farming. Herbert and Emily had three children and stayed in the Judgeford area with Herbert dying there on
28th May 1956.

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