391 Lance Corporal Hoani Te Okoro WiNeera aka John Jogles Naylor - Australian Imperial Forces
Hoani Te Okoro WiNeera was the son of Wiremu WiNeera & Hanna Cootes born in Porirua in 1888.
Hoani was registered in the Porirua School class of 1895 as John Wi Neera. Hoani’s secondary education was at the Maute College in Hawkes Bay.
On the 17th May 1915 he was in Sydney, Australia where he enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces as 391 Private John Jogles Naylor, A Company, 18th Battalion, AIF. Private Naylor is listed as a single man employed as a labourer.[i] It is probable that John Jogles Naylor is the 'anglisied' version of Hoani's maori name. 
The 18th Battalion, AIF, sailed for action at Gallipoli and it is presumed that the now Lance Corporal  Naylor was wounded in late August, early October 1915 as the Evening Post of 18th November 1915[ii] reported that ‘Lance Corporal J J Naylor had been admitted to hospital in London.’
                                                                   It was while Lance Corporal Naylor was recovering in England  he meet
                                                                   Gertrude Victoria Kemp who he married, in London, on 27th November 1915.[iii]
                                                                   In March 1917 John and Gertrude Naylor registered, in London, the birth of a son                                                                             Stanley Henry Naylor.[iv]

                                                                   Temporary Sergeant John Jogles Naylor  c1916 - 1917 
                                                                   At some stage Lance Corporal Naylor was considered fit and returned to
                                                                   serve with the 39th Battalion, AIF, in France. Lance Corporal Naylor was
                                                                   wounded in action and evacuated to the 2nd Casualty Clearing Station but
                                                                   on the 11th February 1918 died of his wounds.

                                                                   Lance Corporal Naylor is buried in the
                                                                  Trois Arbes Cemetery, Steenwerk,
                                                                  Nord, France. The grave headstone 
notes his true name of WiNeera and that he served as Naylor.
391 Lance Corporal Naylor’s grave at Trois Arbes Cemetery.
Gertrude Victoria Naylor and her son travelled to New Zealand after the
end of the war to honour a promise made to her husband that if anything
happened to him, his son would return to New Zealand[v].
In New Zealand on 4th September 1919 Gertrude married Hoani’s older
brother Te Kanawa WiNeera.[vi]

This article to be revised following talks to members of the WiNeera family 
to complete the story of Hoani's time in England. 
AIF military records need to be access to provide details on Lance Corporal Naylor’s
service 1915-1918 at some stage he was promoted to Sergeant but on death was
Lance Corporal Naylor.
The AIF Project: https://www.aif.adfa.edu.au/showPerson?pid=220765
The Auckland Cenotaph
WiNeera family 
L/Corporal J J Naylor (Hoani Te Okoro WiNeera)_NZ War Graves Project
Sergeant J J Naylor - WiNeera family 
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Graves at Trois Arbes Cemetery