Boer War
SA7469 Lance Corporal Henry Morgan – 9th Contingent, New Zealand Mounted Rifles 
Henry Moran and his twin Edward were born on 1th November 1875, the eldest of five sons and the fourth & fifth
children in a family of 10 children born to Matilda and Thomas Morgan.[i] Edward Morgan died aged four, in 1880.[ii]
The Morgan family had arrived in Wellington, New Zealand in 1842 on the ‘Birman’ and then moved out to farm in the Takapau Valley, Tawa Flat. Henry and his siblings were born in the Takapau Valley and later attended the Tawa Flats School.
On the 26th July 1902 Henry Morgan travelled to Auckland and signed his attestation papers to join the North Island Battalion, 9th Contingent, New Zealand Mounted Rifles for service in South Africa. Also in Auckland to attest were his younger brother Edward Stanley Morgan and George Valentine Corlet from Johnsonville. Edward’s papers note that he was a farmer working for his father and that he had black hair and a dark complexion.[iii]
The three men, SA7423 Corporal Corlet, SA7469 Lance Corporal Henry Morgan and SA7470 Trooper Edward Stanley Morgan, sailed from Auckland on the 20th March 1902. The 9th Contingent saw limited actions as peace was signed on
the 31st May 1902. However Lieutenant Robert McKeich, of the 9th, had the misfortune of being the last New Zealander killed in combat when he was shot in a confrontation with three Boers four days after the official surrender.[iv]
The men of 9th Contingent, including Henry and his brother Edward Stanley Morgan, sailed back to New Zealand leaving South Africa in July 1902. Also returning to New Zealand was the 10th Contingent and Henry and Edward’s younger brother SA8840 Trooper David Gibson Morgan.
Lance Corporal Henry was discharged ‘on completion of service’ on 26th August 1902 and was awarded the Kings South Africa Medal with clasps, 1902 and Transvaal. The discharge paper noted that Henry’s character was good and that he
was returning to Tawa Flat.
Thomas Morgan, Henry’s father, sold the Takapau Valley farm in 1907 and moved up to Levin and Henry moved with the family to farm in the area. In 1908 Henry married Alice May Broughton. The couple had seven children, six girls and one boy, (Tom) Stanley William Henry Thomas Morgan born in Levin in 1918.[v]
The family moved from Levin in 1919 farming at Linton and Tokomaru before joining other members of the Morgan
family in Raetihi, Central North Island.[vi] Henry made enquiries about his Boer War Veterans pension from Raetihi in 1944.[vii]  It is possible that when Henry’s son Tom returned to live in Levin in 1953 that Henry also returned to the
district dying at Palmerston North in 1957.[viii]
In the funeral address of Henry’s son there was mention made of the musical abilities of the Morgan family with ‘Henry and his brothers loading a piano on a dray horse and taking it over some rough country to Saturday night dances in the Pauatahanui District.’[ix]
The recollition of the Saturday night dances must be family stories of when the Morgans were living in Takapau Valley prior to 1908 as when they were in Levin the distance would have been too far.
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