53507 Private Victor Mexted – 23rd Reinforcements

Victor Mexted was born in Porirua on 9th March 1884 the fourth of seven children born to Alfred and
Emma (nee Thomson)[i].

Alfred and Emma were farming in the Takapu area of Tawa Flats but Victor, in 1889, joined two of his older siblings when
he was enroled at Porirua School.[ii] There were a number of cousins also attending the Porirua School until a small school was established in Takapu about the start of 1900.

In 1916 Victor Mexted was a single man farming in the Porirua district when he was selected in the Military Ballot. An appeal was lodged with the Military Service Board[iii]

                Mexted Victor, Porirua, appealed for exemption on the grounds of public interest and undue hardship.
                The Board reserved decision till Feb 28th during which period appellant would be granted exemption
       from military service, provided he remains at his present occupation.

On the 28th February 1917 Victor was again before the Military Services Board[iv]

The first case taken was that of Victor, Mexted, farmer, of Porirua, whose case was heard previously,
and who was given time to arrange his affairs. To-day he stated that he had been unable to either let
his farm or obtain labour. The appeal was dismissed, Captain Baldwin, the military representative, undertaking to obtain one month’s leave e of absence for the appellant.

On 12th April 1917 Victor entered Trentham Military Camp as 53507 Private Victor Mexted, F Company, 28th Reinforcements. On 28th April 1917 Private Mexted was transferred to the 27th Reinforcements as was with this unit
when he went before an appeal board in May 1917.[v]

The first case taken was that of Victor Mexted, farmer, of Porirua, who has been in camp since the
end of March. He applied for a rehearing o his case, the grounds being that he was urgently
required to aid in the management of his father’s and his own farms, practically adjoining.
After hearing evidence the board reserved its decision.

Victor’s military papers not that he was granted Leave without Pay (LWP) from the 24th May to 23rd August 1917.[vi]

On 23rd August 1917 the Military Board sat[vii]

The Third Wellington Military Service Board sat in Wellington yesterday. Mr H. J. Beswick
presided and with him were Mr M. J. Mack and Mr A. O’L Considine. Captain P Baldwin
represented the military.
The board heard a number of appeals . . . .  and indefinite adjournment was made in the
case of Victor Mexted, farmer, Porirua.

It was important to the war effort that the country’s farms continued to be run well and Victor’s papers noted that from
the 15th September 1917 he was granted leave of absence until further notice orders and was struck of strength of Trentham Camp.

Victor returned to farming in the Takapu area and married in 1919
Thirza Elizabeth Harris, the couple had one son, Leonard Victor Mexted.

Victor was involved in local politics representing the Makara County in the
Porirua – Titahi Riding from 1930’s.

Victor Mexted died in 1964 and is buried in the old Porirua Cemetery, his wife
Thirza and son Leonard Victor Mexted .

Victor’s cousins; Percy, Gordon, Ronald and Wilf  went to Porirua School and also were
enlisted in the armed forces in World War One

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Victor Mexted & Family grave in old Porirua Cemetery