57560 Trooper Arthur Cecil Clayton Lewin  - Wellington Mounted Rifles

Arthur Cecil (Cecil) Clayton Lewin was born in Johnsonville on 26th March 1892 the youngest son of Louisa (nee Taylor)
and Francis (Fred)  Septimus Lewin.  Cecil’s older brother Edward Clayton Lewin died in 1897.[i]

In 1886 Francis (Fred) Septimus Lewin was the licensee of the Railway Hotel, Johnsonville the license being transferred
from Francis Taylor[ii]. Francis Lewin later ran a store and in the late 1900’s went farming in the Judgeford area 
Pauatahanui [iii].

Cecil was enrolled at Judgeford School in 1903 attending with a number of his Galloway cousins[iv]. On 21st October
1916 Cecil’s mother Louisa Lewin died, she is buried in St Alban’s Church, Pauatahanui.

On 18th May 1917 Cecil Lewin entered military camp. The 25 year old single
man is listed as being a labourer working for his uncle William Galloway, Pahautanui. Cecil nominated Maud Galloway, a cousin, as his next of kin.[v]

 57560 Trooper Lewin completed basic training in the 32nd Reinforcements, Mounted Rifles Brigade and left New Zealand for overseas service on 13th November 1917.

Trooper Lewin 32nd Reinforcement  - 1917

Trooper Lewin arrived in Egypt on 21st December 1917 and was posted to
the Training Units, New Zealand Mounted Rifles. On 12th February 1918
Trooper Lewin was posted to the Wellington Mounted Rifles (WMR) but remained in Egypt training. On 19th May 1918 Trooper Lewin, as one of
19 other ranks, joined the WMR ‘in the field’  at Talaat ed Dumm,  midway between Jerusalem and Jericho.[vi]  The Jordan Valley was known for malaria and while quinine was issued to the men and special squads were organised
to combat mosquitoes, it did not stop the spread of the disease.  The impact
of the disease being noted on 31st July  that ‘depite the reinforcements the strength of the WMR has  fallen to 20 officers, 437 other ranks and 544 horses, mainly because of malaria.

Trooper Lewin was one of those impacted. On 15th July 1918 he was admitted to the NZ Mobile Field Ambulance with malaria. Trooper Lewin was moved to the 31st Stationary Hospital then moved to the 24th General Hospital in Egypt. It
was not until 26th August 1918 that Trooper Lewin was fit enough to be posted from hospital back to the NZMR Training Units. On 5th October 1918 Trooper Lewin was one of 56 WMR reinforcements that joined the Regiment near Jericho.  
The campaign in Palestine ended on 30th October 1918 with the signing of an Armistice with the Ottoman Turks.  There was then a period of time for recreation as arrangements were made for the NZEF elements in the Middle East to return
to New Zealand.

In January 1919, while in Egypt, Trooper Lewin again suffered a bout of malaria and
was hospitalised.  Following treatment he was examined by a medical board and it
was decided that he should return to New Zealand.  It was while Trooper  Lewin
awaited repatriation to New Zealand that he was informed of the death of his father
Francis (Fred) Lewin on 1st February 1919. Trooper Lewin left Egypt on 6th March 1919
and on arrival in New Zealand was discharged on 19th May 1919  ‘as no longer fit for
war service on account of illness contracted on active service – malaria.'
Cecil indicated that he intended to return to Pauatahanui but he was not among the
other returning WW1 veterans who were presented tokens of appreciation at a social
held in the Pauatahanuni Hall in August 1919.[vii].  

In 1921 Cecil Lewin married Myrtle Carter the daughter of James Henry and
Martha (nee Nicol). The couple’s first two children Arthur James Clayton (1921) and
Laurence (Laurie) Raymnond Lewin (1922) were born in the Porirua District,  

Cecil is listed as a farm manager, Pukerua Bay in 1924.  The couple then moved to
the Waikato area where a third son, Sidney (Sydney) Francis Lewin (1927) was born.[viii]

On 22nd September 1928 Arthur Cecil (Cecil) Clayton Lewin died of tuberculosis (TB)
in Hamilton. Myrtle Lewin later remarried.

Cecil Lewin is commemorated on the Pauahatanui Roll of Honour held at St Alban’s
Church, Pautahanui, both of his parents are buried in the church’s cemetery.

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