Charles Jones – Military Ballot

Charles Jones was born in 1882/1883[i] the son of a Pauatahanui farming family.

It is possible that Charles is Charles William Jones who married in 1915 married Margaret Josephine Maher. The Maher family farmed in the Porirua area that bordered Pauatahanui.

On 17th December 1917 the Hutt Valley Independent carried a list of men who had been selected by ballot which
included  Jones C and Jones S G both from Pauhatanui. The article does note that both the Jones were from the
1st Division single young men who had recently turned 20.[ii]

On the 14th December 1917 the Evening Post listed details of a number of appeals against military service one listed:[iii]

                “Mr M Luckie appeared for Charles Jones, diary farmer, Pahautanui, who has a wife
                 and three children to support. The grounds were undue hardship and public interest.
                 Council stated that the appellant was the only man working on the farm. The board
                 adjourned until first sitting in April."

The appeal was followed up in September 1918:[iv]

                “Charles Jones, dairy farmer, Pahautanui said he was 36 years of age, was married, and
                  had three children. The area of his farm 120 acres. He leased the farm from his father.
                  There were 23 cows on the property. He was milking them himself with the assistance
                  of a youth, a nephew. He applied for leave until December. He might by that time be able
                  to get someone to take his place. The board reserved it decision.”

With the war in Europe coming to an end Charles Jones was not called before another Military Services Board.

Possible that Jones C and Charles Jones are the same person given the close nature of the appeal and while Charles Jones, married man, is listed in the Reserves the is no mention of Charles Jones born June – November 1897.
Charles William Jones was living in the area his son Clinton Charles Jones start in 1922 at Pauatahanui School.
In historic newspaper items the old spelling of Pauatahanui is used. 

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[i] Based on age of 36 in 1918
[ii] Ballot, 17th November 1917, Hutt Valley Independent
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Pauatahanui Stream and Hall c1911