Charles Chapman

The Porirua School roll of honour lists C Chapman as one of the five men who attended the school and were killed in
World War One.

The Roll of Honour also lists A Chapman as one of the forty -five men who had attended Porirua School and served in
World War One.

The school list Charles, Reginald and Henry Chapman as enrolling in 1897 along with their sister Lulla[i]. The enrolment of all four children indicates that the Chapman family moved into the district in 1896/97.

In 1891 Porirua Mental Hospital was established in Porirua it was a major employer of staff but by 1897 there were only 699 adult people in Porirua[ii].

Also living in the district were Thomas and Johanna Chapman who were living in East Poriua when their daughter, Mabel Jessie Jane Chapman was born on the 30th November 1897[iii]. Thomas and Johanna Chapman were married in 1892, it could have been a second marriage. Mabel Jessie Jane Chapman married in New Zealand in 1926.

There is no record of a Charles Chapman’s death during 1914 – 1918 in NZ BDM that matches the possible age of the Charles Chapman who went to school in 1897.

It is possible that he served under another name or served in another Allied army.

Porirua 1900 - Alexander Turnbull Library

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Porirua township 1900  Porirua Hospital on hill (right)