11777 Private Shirer Charles William Carter – Divisional Employment Company
Shirer Charles William Carter was born in Rangitikei on 2nd May 1889 the youngest son of William Alfred and
Selina Carter.[i]
On 31st May 1915 the Evening Post newspaper carried a list of men who had enlisted in the Wellington District and
among them was Shirer Charles Carter from Pauhautanui.[ii] Shirer’s trade is listed as a watchmaker.
On 16th November 1915 Shirer entered Trentham Camp as part of the 12th Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry
Battalion. 11777 Private Carter was promoted to Corporal and then Sergeant during training prior to eaving for England
on 1st May 1916 in B Company, 12th Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry Battalion.
Sergeant Carter arrived in Sling Camp on 7th August 1916 and was assigned to the 3rd Reserve Battalion, Wellington Infantry and reverted, as was standard for reinforcement NCO's,  to Private Carter.
Sling Camp provided basic training for the Western Front and three weeks later Private Carter was in France and
joined the 2nd Battalion, Auckland Infantry Regiment.
In September 1916, the New Zealand Division was committed to the Battle of the Somme that had started in July that year. Private Carter also was with the 2nd Auckland Battalion during the June 1917 Battle of Messines.
In July 1917 Private Carter was transferred to the 1st Division Employment Company remaining in France through
1917 and 1918 although he did obtain two weeks leave in September 1917 and two weeks in March 1918 which was
noted as ‘in Paris.’
On the 13th October 1918 Private Carter was again granted leave this
time to the United Kingdom but on the 24th October 1918 was admitted
to hospital in Edinburgh with influenza. Private Carter died, aged 29,
seven days later in the 2nd Scottish Hospital, Edinburg a victim of the
deadly Spanish Influenza.
Private Shirer Charles William Carter is buried
in the Plot D56 Edinburg (Comely Bank) Cemetery.[iii]
The New Zealand Government’s decision not to repatriate any
serviceperson’s remains meant that local war memorials became
a focal point for communities to remember the fallen. The Pauhatanui
memorial was unveiled on 17th January 1922 by, the then,
Governor-General Lord Jellicoe to
‘Honour those soldiers from the district who had fallen in the
Great War.’[iv]
The names on the memorial are:
Victor Abbot
Kenneth Boulton
Shirer Carter
Harry Death
Walter Harris
Norman Jones
The historic spelling of Pauhatanui has been used from sourced material.
Shirer Charles Carter was originally given a serial number 10/4236 a number unique to the Wellington Regiment but this has been crossed out and a standard serial number issued. 
The War Graves Photographic Project (TWGPP): 11777 Private S C Carter
The War Graves Photographic Project (TWGPP: NZ Graves Edinburg (Comely Bank Cemetery
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NZ War Graves - Edinburg